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"You're My Favorite"


Get to Know us

 OUR COFFEE:  Our private label coffee is thoughtfully roasted and is rich with flavor. We hand pack each order without manufacturing which means it is handled with care in small batches from our family to yours.

Truly a value and quality that you can taste!

OUR FOUNDER: As a surprise, we gifted our Dad, Steven, his own logo to label his kitchen creations. The logo is very sentimental to us! The butterfly symbolizes growth, change & second chances. 2020 (our opening year) marks the 6th  anniversary of Steven's cardiac arrest that he miraculously survived thanks to the VPD & family that performed CPR.

Steven likes to tell his family, friends & customers that they are his favorite. "YMF" is his secret code for "You're My Favorite". In turn, YMF Coffee emerged with a beautiful logo that embodies life and love!

We believe that life is precious and strive to never take that for granted!

What better way to show love than to share a cup of  delicious coffee over meaningful conversation with your favorite person?

We can't wait to meet you!

Be in the know! Follow us on FaceBook & Instagram for upcoming EVENTS, SALES, and PROMO codes! 

CONTACT US- Open Daily!


 Vancouver, WA 98682

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